Pretzel Dog Bites!

Pretzel Dog Bites ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

Whenever I’m at a stadium I always buy a pretzel dog. I love to bite through the tender dough into a well cooked hot dog. Add a little spicy mustard and I’m a happy woman! Enjoy these easy to make, bite sized versions while watching the Big Game! Hot dogs and cocktail wieners are tasty,… 

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Ploughman’s Lunch

Ploughman's Lunch ~ Meatless Monday ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

A little bit of this, a little bit of that…a Ploughman’s Lunch is an easily portable meal perfect for taking with you to the field…or the park in our case. After weeks of overcast skies and fog, as soon as the sun showed its face over Valladolid we were outside along with seemingly everyone else… 

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Korean BBQ Tofu “Wings”

Korean BBQ Tofu "Wings" ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

I had a lot of fun with this post. There’s nothing like the sweet, tangy, hot taste of Korean barbeque. But for a twist, instead of making chicken wings and reminding you to try the sauce with tofu, I’ve flipped things around. Your vegetarian friends will thank you for serving Korean BBQ tofu “wings” at your next… 

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Smoky Open Faced Sandwiches {Recipe Redux}

Smoky Open Face Sandwiches~ #RecipeReDux ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

This month’s theme for Recipe ReDux caused a little consternation. They want us to get smoky! Start Smoking in the New Year. The New Year is heating up with smoke and spiciness. From boldly flavored smoked salts to actual smoking techniques, subtly smoked food is on-trend. The same can be said for spice as we… 

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Onion Pakoras

Onion Pakoras ~ #GlutenFree & #Easy Fritters Perfect for #MeatlessMondays from Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

Onion Pakoras are a type of fritter made from onion and garbanzo flour, seasoned with various spices. They are a popular street food in India. I haven’t experienced the pleasure of eating Onion Pakoras on the streets of Mumbai –I’ve only had them in a restaurant or made them at home– but I like to… 

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Turkish Meatball Sliders

Turkish Meatball Sliders with Two Sauces ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

Today’s post marks the intersection of this week’s Turkish recipe theme with the monthly Real Food Party theme. You’re in for a treat with Turkish Meatball Sliders topped with either a red pepper sauce or tzatziki. Serve them up at your Super Bowl Party for an exotic change of pace. Turkish Meatballs, or köfte, are typically made from lamb,… 

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Revani: Turkish Sponge Cake {Food of the World}

Revani :Turkish Style Sponge Cake {Food of the World} ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

A few months ago we were treated to a Middle Eastern treat called makrout that’s made with semolina and a date/walnut filling.  I haven’t been able to duplicate the makrout (yet) so when I came across this recipe for a similar cake at Honey and Butter, I knew immediately I wanted to make it for this month’s… 

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Yogurt Soup

Yogurt Soup (Food of the World) ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

Sounds strange, but yogurt soup is comfort food in the Middle East. You’ve probably had yogurt smoothies and tzatziki. Consider yogurt soup the next step. Your adventurousness will be rewarded. I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy participating in the Monthly Food of the World link party. This month I went a little overboard! Turkish… 

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Two Ways to Go Nuts

Two Nut Recipes Perfect for Parties or Gifts ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

Today we’re continuing our virtual Real Food party with a couple of recipes that are sure to please the nut lovers in your life. The first is a Burnt Sugar Almond and the second is a delicious Caribbean Spiced Cashew. With the NFL playoffs in full swing, you’ll want to make up a batch or two… 

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Meatless Monday: Egg, Potato and Spinach Crepes

Egg, Potato and Spinach Crepes ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

To me, crepes just scream elegance. Yet they’re deceptively easy to make. You’ll love my Egg, Potato and Spinach Crepes anytime of day. They’re perfect for Meatless Mondays. The most difficult part about making crepes is figuring out which skillet gives the best results and how much batter to use to make the perfect crepe…. 

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Amazing Onion Dip

Amazing Onion Dip ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

Welcome to 2015! If one of your New Year’s goals is to eat less processed food you’re going to love Thursdays in January. I’ll be featuring great tasting party foods that are big on flavor and low on guilt. Let’s start with this Amazing Onion Dip. There are similar dips available on the web, but… 

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