Real Food Fridays #49

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Welcome to Real Food Fridays, a link party featuring your favorite whole food recipes, organic gardening and homesteading and natural living posts. We’re so glad you’re here! This week we’re offering another giveaway. Mountain Rose Herbs has agreed to giveaway a 1 ounce bottle of Cramp Bark Extract valued at $9.25. Thanks to Joyce for setting… 

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Tunisian Carrot Salad

Tunisian Carrot Salad ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

It’s turned out to be an “empty your vegetable drawer” week. We started off with a Creamy Vegan Vegetable Soup on Monday, then Butter Braised Carrots on Tuesday. Today’s offering is a Tunisian Carrot Salad.  This is a dish I’ve wanted to make for awhile, but kept putting it off for one reason or another. It’s… 

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Butter Braised Radishes

Butter Braised Radishes ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

Radishes kind of bemuse me, I’ll admit. They show up on my salad and I’ll eat them. Occasionally they’re made into pickles and served with an Asian meal. I’ll eat those, too. But when the turn up on a veggie platter, I’ll ignore them and head straight for the broccoli. Every once in awhile I’ll buy… 

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Meatless Monday: Creamy Vegan Vegetable Soup

veg soup wide

Welcome back to the latest Meatless Monday! I’ve teamed up with blogging friends Christie from A Kitchen Hoor’s Adventures and Mary from Mary’s Kitchen to bring you a month long party! This week marks the end of the July party. I’ve brought a Creamy Vegan Vegetable Soup to pair with the Veggie Sandwiches from last week…. 

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Make Your Own Chai Concentrate with #JivaOrganics Cardamom {#Review}

Jiva Organic Cardamom #Review ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

If you have a well stocked spice closet, you’ll know how expensive ground cardamom can be. Only saffron and vanilla beans are more expensive by weight. Unless you use it regularly (like weekly) the ground cardamom is likely to lose its potency before it’s consumed. The solution is to buy the pods which last longer… 

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Real Food Fridays #48


We have a very special giveaway today.  Our very own co-host Heather @ Cook It Up Paleo has published a COOKBOOK!!!  You can find it on Amazon OR you can enter to WIN an e-version. Recipes that are easy, out-of-this-world delicious, and paleo-friendly? Absolutely! Written by popular blogger Heather Resler of Cook It Up Paleo,  Grain-Free… 

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Crepes with Lemon Ricotta Cream

Lemony Crepes ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

Ever since I made the eggplant and mushroom crepes the other week, Rick and I have been talking about making dessert crepes. I’m a sucker for lemon, and we had ricotta in the fridge. It seems natural our first dessert crepes were filled with lemon ricotta cream. The only difference in the savory and sweet crepe batters… 

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Moroccan Spiced Chicken with Summer Squash and Olives

Moroccan Chicken with Summer Squash ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

Let’s face it, chicken can be pretty boring at times. We were getting into a rut of chicken seasoned Greek or Italian style then grilled and served with a salad. We needed to wake up our palates a little bit and Moroccan Spiced Chicken with Summer Squash and Olives fit the bill. I have an… 

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Meatless Mondays: Veggie Sandwiches


Welcome back to the latest Meatless Monday! I’ve teamed up with blogging friends Christie from A Kitchen Hoor’s Adventures and Mary from Mary’s Kitchen to bring you a month long party! Today I wanted to share a few veggie sandwiches we’ve been cranking out in the Flexitarian Kitchen on the panini press. Starting from the left there’s… 

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Gin Marinated Olives {Recipe ReDux}

Gin Marinated Olives ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

Sometimes the best part of a dinner party is the eating that takes place before the meal! When we entertain, we like to offer a variety of savory items like chorizo, cheese, bread and these gin marinated olives to our guests to nibble on. Our friend Kevin introduced us to gin marinated olives. He’d repackage large… 

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Why I Decided to Hire a Personal Trainer

Why I decided to hire a personal trainer ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

On my last trip to the doctor’s office both my blood pressure and weight were up. I was appalled. Not only had I gained back the weight I’d lost last summer, I’d added to it. Even worse, on my visit summary I read “the patient [me] is mildly obese.” I couldn’t believe it. Photo credit… 

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