Meatless Monday: Ticks and Leaves

Meatless Monday ~Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

I was exploring Facebook groups recently and came across one dedicated to Flexitarians and Nutritarians. By now you should know what a flexitarian is (if not, click the START HERE button above). A Nutritarian is a term coined by Dr Joel Fuhrman. You may have seen him on PBS where he talks about his Eat… 

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Recipe ReDux: Couscous With Dried Fruits & Nuts

Couscous With Dried Fruit & Nuts #RecipeReDux ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

Couscous with dried fruits and nuts is a simple to make side dish that will make any meal just a little bit fancier. It’s part of this month’s Recipe ReDux challenge to work with dehydrated foods. There’s all kinds of kitchen fun to be had with a dehydrator. You can: make your own fruit leathers… 

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Potato Salad for a Crowd & Real Food Fridays #56

Potato Salad for a Crowd ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

Well, the wedding of the year is over and my daughter is a radiant bride. Together with my new son-in-law, they planned a celebration for over a hundred people. In order to help contain the costs, both families pitched in to provide the food. Liz’s new father-in-law was the grill master. My part was to… 

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Parmesan Crusted Flounder

Parmesan Crusted Flounder ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

I love this simple and elegant seafood dish which features crunchy bread crumbs and tender, mild tasting flounder. Best of all, parmesan crusted flounder is baked! You won’t have to deal with a breading station or hot oil. If the bread crumb topping seems familiar, it’s because we used the same technique to make Peach… 

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Meatless Monday: Creamy Corn Soup

Creamy Corn Soup ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

We eat soup a couple times a week. It’s such an easy way to use up leftovers or empty your vegetable drawer. To make Creamy Corn Soup, I cut the kernels off leftover ears of corn. Outside of corn season, you could easily substitute canned or frozen corn. The inspiration for the soup came from… 

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Real Food Fridays #55

Real Food Fridays Logo

I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off! My daughter is getting married tomorrow.  There’s a lot of food prep going on right now. Fortunately we’re dividing the stuff up and there’s nothing overly complicated.  Tomorrow evening will be a sit down meal for close family with a barbecue for the reception on Saturday…. 

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Peach Betty – An Old Fashioned Favorite

Peach Betty ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

The stand down the street from us featured some huge elberta peaches last week. It only took three to make a pound! We used them to make an old fashioned dessert called Peach Betty. It’s like a cross between bread pudding and a crisp. I have a secret skill. I know how to propagate fruit… 

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Meatless Monday: Logistics

Meatless Monday ~Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

Gah! This is crunch week for us. My daughter is getting married this weekend and we are down to the wire! They are keeping it simple, but even a simple wedding for 125 people requires a lot of logistics: tables, chairs, beer (can’t forget that!), flowers, decorations, food, cakes, games, photographer, out of town guests, and… 

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Under 15 Minutes: Quick and Easy Vegetarian Meals Cookbook #Review

Under 15 Minutes Vegetarian Quick Easy Recipes #Review ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

Note: This vegetarian cookbook review contains affiliate links. If you click them, you’ll be taken to Amazon where I’ll make a small commission for any purchase you may make. Thanks for helping to keep the lights on! Find our disclaimer here. One of my pet peeves is coming across a recipe that says something like… 

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Real Food Fridays #54 + Shopping Bags


Welcome to Real Food Fridays #54! We keep on rollin’… This week also happens to be Zero Waste Week. The theme this year was “one more thing.” It seems like there’s always something else we can do when it comes to reducing waste. You may recall we started recycling as part of this year’s Carbon… 

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Fennel and White Bean Soup

Fennel & White Bean Soup ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

Despite the fact that fennel seed is used all over the world, I’ve always associated using the bulbous bits with Italian food. That’s why it seemed only natural to pair it and cannellini (white kidney beans) in this delicious, light tasting fennel and white bean soup. While fennel seeds are widely used from the Mediterranean Sea to… 

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